Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tool 6

TodaysMeet  Students would be talking as I am typing to help them learn their lessons and post their thinking and understanding.

WALLWISHER  Students can post exit tickets and review end of week lessons and do a walking gallery and see each other's thinking and understanding.


I made a magazine cover. I would use this with teaching a persuasive learning.
 My students will love doing Bookr with poetry or even summarizing a novel that they read in 8th grade.Bookr

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tool #4

I created 2 open ended questions for the novel, The Pearl and sent it to 2 teachers.. Google docs has been used in my classroom by having the students create their assignment, the writing pieces for 8th grade and the students are able to see them in high school when they open their google docs.   I created the forms, a open ended quiz on the Pearl and shared it with Mrs. Kirn and Mrs. Ache.  I can continue to use google docs in my classroom by creating forms, quizzes and sharing them with Ms. Cluiss and using google docs for the 8th graders to create their writing assignments.

Tool #3

Studying the Holocaust and using videos from YouTube enhanced my students visual perception when we studied a memoir about the Holocaust.  I used YouTube mostly and the students got an "eye opening" learning experience.

After reading the book, "Night" a student found this video and shared it with the class.

As a teacher, I am aware that copyright rules apply and as students become more "savy" regarding downloading videos, I need to teach the kids the rules about copyrighting.

Tool #2

I enjoyed people's blogs about how they created a myth rubric which enables the kids to own their work and in directly will help me when we study the fable and myth curriculum.  The next blog was about animation and it was laid out in a way that will enable me to show the kids how to do an animation regarding their myth.

Here is the blog that I liked learning about. http://pwoessner.com/

I learned about social bookmarking and plan to use this next year.