Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tool #10

I agree that digital citizenship teaches children to learn about right and wrong when using the internet.  School should be a place for respect and a student should know that when using school property and learning for their future, there should be no place for anything, but etiquette.  My goal is to make sure the student stays on task whenever they use any digital device.  I agree with a post that a person wrote that our students are so use to going to google.  Our school pays for the library resource page and I want to teach my students to use this website more and to go to more edu. websites.  Students will also learn about Creative Commons licenses.  In addition, I wish for parents to learn more about student etiquette.  If you look on facebook, so many students are NOT using etiquette and this could have lasting effects when it comes to getting employment, acceptance for higher level school, etc.  The district should have ongoing classes for parents.

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  1. Suzie-that is so true when the students use facebook and other social sites. They don't think about the consequences that they put out there. We can make they aware of the "evidence" and the repercussions of them.